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Barb says "Wherever your eyes can go, there's a picture!"


“Wherever your eyes can go, there’s a picture.”…. Barbara Moore 

Now age 75, gutsy self-taught fine art photographer Barbara Moore has been shooting anything & everything for decades.  Her lively & innovative portrait studio in Herndon, Va. drew customers from as far away as Annapolis, Md. & Staunton, Va., until she “retired” in 2004 & gave away all her medium format camera/studio equipment. A few years later, she still had the “bug” for photography, got another camera and eagerly jumped back in to perfecting a new style.

Barb says that because “my mind is not cluttered up with intelligence”, I shoot whatever catches my eye, particularly  nature’s compositions of seemingly ordinary entities, especially when light has illuminated a gorgeous portion that might never be noticed otherwise. I am also a devotee of shooting dramatic landscapes as well as insanely mundane objects, which I delight in rendering into unique signature abstract pieces. Barb’s camera of choice is a Nikon D7100, (Tamron 18-200mm lens & a Tokina 11-16mm lens) which allows her the perfect hand weight and size for her very active shooting style.

“Every day is different.  Every step that I take or turn that I make holds beautiful visual surprises that I never anticipated (such as sunrise reflected on my stainless steel refrigerator)! So I shoot virtually anything & everything, transforming them whenever and however the Spirit moves me.  And of course by now I have a huge backlog of decades of images which are patiently awaiting their turn at exciting reinvention”.

This energetic grandmother of 9 is also involved in numerous other projects besides photography, all at the same time. A choral singer in two choruses, in 2015 she sang a residency at York Minster Cathedral in England and has traveled to such far-flung places as Iceland, and Mongolia (where for the past 10 years she has sponsored 7 children through the Christina Noble Foundation). Barb also sponsors 3 girls at the Bethania Orphanage in India.  And OF COURSE, whenever she travels, she shoots everything she sees along the way, adding even more to her large repertoire of images. Here at home, Barb serves on the board of a local children’s home, as well as a hospital. “I don’t have time to be old!” she quips. 


Digital camera:  Nikon D7100, in auto or sport mode.  Lenses: Tamron 18-200mm & Tokina 11-16mm, hand held, except using a tripod for night shots, no flash, no filters.

Barb in her "studio"

Barbara Moore

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