Barb Moore Fine Art Photography
BOLD Beautiful COLOR
Barb says "Wherever your eyes can go, there's a picture!"


After 17 years, in 2002 photographer Barbara Moore “retired” from her busy portrait studio “Reflexions Photography” in Herndon, Va., and disposed of all her film cameras, lights, & equipment, looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing new life in Linden, Va. However, with the dawn of the digital age, in 2004 her creative “bug” reared up once more, propelling her into a new self-taught career as Barb Moore Fine Art Photography. By 2018, her award winning images have been exhibited in numerous juried shows and galleries, from ArtExpo NYC & Miami as well as all up and down the Mid-Atlantic region. Currently she is represented by Art Tour International, Blink (Art Design Consultants), and World Wide Art Books. Her colorful, dramatic landscapes and cerebral abstracts have been published in several art magazines and books currently sold at Barnes and Noble. Because she never deletes any shots, among her specialties is creating uniquely beautiful “before” & “after” images derived from the most mundane, awful, and/or unnoticeable objects/scenes imaginable. Now age 76, Barb continues to shoot anything and everything nearly every day, wherever she is in the world!


Digital camera:  Nikon D7100, in auto or sport mode.  Lenses: Tamron 18-200mm & Tokina 11-16mm, hand held, except using a tripod for night shots, no flash, no filters.

Barb in her "studio"

Barbara Moore

Barb in her booth at a regional show.

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